No matter where you live, dissasters will happen out of the blue...

Disasters can and will happen when we least expect them. We'll make sure you and your loved ones are prepared when they do.

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Kaito KA-208 Portable LCD AM/FM Radio

Kaito KA-208 Portable LCD AM/FM Radio

Yours FREE with any purchase of $29.99 or more!

A portable AM/FM Radio with a clear sound an excellent speaker. This radio takes 2-AAA (not included). The size of the radio is: 3.5" X 2.2" X 0.82. An excellent radio to add to any emergency kit.

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About Us

A personal note from the owner of Quake-Ready Kit Co., Lee Montalvo

As a previous law enforcement officer, I took several classes regarding emergency survival in case I was not able to return to a safe environment.  As an undercover detective, I needed to be educated on being able to live in an environment where food and water were not readily available and I was forced to seek temporary shelter until I was able to return to a normal environment.  We then had an earthquake, a small one, but an earthquake just the same.  I discussed this with another friend of mine and we then built earthquake preparedness kits from products we found around our homes and at the local hardware store.  Other friends became aware of what I was doing and began to research availability of emergency supplies in our area.  I received calls about what I put into my preparedness kit and relayed to family and friends as to what I found locally and on the Internet.

As my interest increased in this field, I began ordering emergency food and water for those who wanted to prepare themselves as I did.  What started as a hobby soon became a small business.  I have researched and read almost every book and pamphlet I could find about disaster preparedness and safety kits.  Over the years, I have increased the types of kits for my company and expanded to other products in my field. 

I now carry just about every item available in the preparedness field.  Recently, I have added another line of preparedness food which is a vegetarian meal for those who prefer a natural food.  I have also been given my "Green" certification due to eliminating the need for batteries in my kits.  The radios and flashlights in my kits are either the "crank" type or solar powered.  This also eliminates used and leaking batteries from the landfills.  Because batteries often leak, many times they ruin the flashlight or radio and render the product useless.  By eliminating batteries, we guarantee the flashlight/radio in my kits will always be ready for immediate use.

My company also customizes kits.  If  a customer wants a kit to fit their particular need, we build the kit to their specifications and the price they want to pay for it.  My reputation as an emergency preparedness company has never been questioned.  The customer comes first.  I have recently begun to ship my products outside the United States.  I have recently shipped product to Canada and Greenland.

What sets me apart from other preparedness companies is this.  I did not sit on an inventory of food and water.  I do not order product until there is a need for it.  I can give my customers the freshest product available to guarantee a full 5 year shelf life.


About Quake-Quake Ready Kit Co

Quake-Ready Kit Co. has become an environmentally conscious company. We have eliminated the use of batteries in our kits that contain a radio/flashlight combination or just a flashlight. We have replaced the AM/FM radio/flashlight as well as the flashlight with a unit that no longer requires the use of batteries for its power. The unit is easily charged by using the  dynamo/crank method.

By eliminating batteries, we can assure the user that when the radio/flashlight or flashlight is needed, it is going to work. Batteries have become expensive and at times they leak and ruin the radio/flashlight. By removing the need for batteries we have also eliminated a waste item that will no longer go to landfills.

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